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T&I Language Solutions understands the importance of communicating your project, product, services, etc. in a way that grows your business in the target audience and help you reach more customers and achieve your business goals.

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T&I Language Solutions is your ideal language partner. We provide a wide range of language services to help you achieve your business goals whenever or wherever you need them. We understand that « time is money », and make sure our services are always delivered timely without jeopardizing our quality standards. To put it all together, we provide high quality anytime.

Medical / Life-Sciences Translation

We work at guaranteeing the quality of your scientific content, ensuring that your documents meet requirements by local bodies (e.g. European Medicines Agency, EMA), using the specific scientific terminology.

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general translation

General Translations

Your satisfaction is our priority. And even when your project does not require specialised knowledge, we still implement high-quality translation standards to ensure a qualitative translation.

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Technical Translation

Technical Translations

Technical translation requires subject-matter experts with a good mastery of the related technical field. The key words for technical translation are precision and consistency.

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Legal translation

Legal Translations

T&I Language Solutions is the reliable partner you need for your legal content. We understand how important consistency and finding the right wording are for your legal translation projects and we work with language experts with long-lasting experience in the domain.

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Financial translation

Financial Translations

Your satisfaction is our priority. For your financial documentation, we implement high-quality standards to ensure a qualitative translation.

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post-editing machine translation


Post-editing Machine Translation (PEMT) is our solution perfectly adapted for clients on a tight budget. This does not, however, mean that we are less regarding on quality standards. We maintain high quality standards for all projects, including PEMT.

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We are always looking for freelance translators, interpreters, project managers, DTPs in any language combination and field to join our team of experts.

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